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In Texas Hold’em Poker, which hand is known as ‘six tits’?

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X is a song written by Y and famously covered by Z. Time Magazine’s Josh Tyrangiel described it thus:


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In the book “The World of _____” by Bennett Alan Weinberg and Bonnie K Bealer, there is a photograph of…

29 June, 2007

The good-natured wanderer

Question by Sumant Srivathsan

His most recognizable moniker is derived from his father’s, which meant “good-natured” or “simple”, and he was merely his father’s son.  During his extensive travels, he also picked up the label Bigollo, meaning “wanderer”.

His most famous contribution to mathematics was originally proposed by an Indian mathematician named Acharya Hemachandra, and was presented to the Western world as an example of place values in counting, which made the Indo-Arabic system superior to Roman numerals.

This work was published as Liber Abaci or The Book of Calculations in 1202.

Who is this person?