A Quota For the Nano?

This takes WTFness to a new pinnacle:

Tatas should ensure that low-income people are given a preference in bookings for the Rs one lakh car Nano to prevent the richer strata from grabbing the cheapest car from the word go, a senior BJP leader said.

Apprehending black marketing of the Nano by ‘rich agents’, BJP National Secretary Vijay Goel asked Ratan Tata to give preference to lower income group while making bookings for the car whenever it is ready for a commercial launch.


“My fear is that at the time of booking, it is possible that the richer agents of the black market may book the car or even someone who can afford a bigger one may block the car from reaching the target consumer,” the former Union Minister said.

The world is clearly a conspiracy of rich people against poor people. What to say now?

And wait till Mayawati gets involved.

(Link via email from Anand Gadiyar.)