A Terrorist Offence

Two terrorists gather outside VT station. In their bags, they carry AK-47s. They look at their watches. It is almost time.

“Come, my friend,” says one. “Let us go in and shoot a few people brutally in cold blood in the name of God. Bang bang!”

“Wait,” says the other. “You’re forgetting something.”


“We need to buy a platform ticket first.”


On that note, allow me to present to you the headline of the day:

Kasab booked for entering CST without ticket

This is not just throwing the book, but throwing the bookmark. I bet Lashkar never accounted for this.

(HT: Anand.)


PS: Blogging’s been a bit slow because of some work that came up. I’ll resume full-swing in a day or two. Your patience is appreciated—and your pestilence is solicited.