Aamir Khan Is Not A Khan, Says Salman Khan

DNA reports on the battle between the three Bollywood Khans:

It was an uneasy alliance to begin with – Aamir was blogging about his dog called Shah Rukh, Shah Rukh had flatly refused Salman’s earnest request to do an item number in his home production Main Aur Mrs Khanna and Salman was sniggering that Aamir wasn’t a Khan at all, but a Hussain. Isn’t he the son of Tahir Hussain?

I was telling a friend about this yesterday when we were on the road, and right then, in front of us, I saw another auto with ‘KHAN’ written behind. I could just imagine Salman spotting that, jumping off whichever large, macho vehicle his driver drives, and pulling the auto driver out of his auto.

“Tere baap ka naam bata,” he would say. “Tell me your father’s name, you fake Khan, you. I am the only real Khan. Gruntttt.”