All For A Good Cause

A husband and wife are sitting in their living room, watching TV. Suddenly the husband gets up and starts looking for something.

Wife: What is it, love? What are you looking for?

Husband: My condoms, I need to find my condoms.

Wife: Uh, dear, actually I have a headache…

Husband: No baba, not for you. I need condoms for something else. I’m going out.

Wife: Going out where?

Husband: I’m going to a prostitute. I have a 8pm appointment for two hours of sex.

Wife: What? Prostitute? Sex? Dude, what the fug??

Husband: Relax sweety. You should be the last person to get angry. After all, you keep telling me that I should do something for charity. Well, this is it!

(Link via email from Devangshu Datta.)