All men are pigs…

… if they don’t carry condoms. Nice commercial:

So do you find anything objectionable about this commercial? Fox and CBS did, and refused to carry it on their networks. In a statement, Fox said:

Contraceptive advertising must stress health-related uses rather than the prevention of pregnancy.

Heh. Fox’s slogan really should be “Back to the 19th Century.” I’m sure what they regret most about the 20th century, even more than the Holocaust, is the emancipation of women—birth control had a lot to do with setting women free, and is a natural enemy. I hardly need to spell out who the pigs really are in this story.

There’s a pithy quote in that story by Carol Carrozza, a marketing executive, that just about sums it up:

We always find it funny that you can use sex to sell jewelry and cars, but you can’t use sex to sell condoms.