Amitava Kumar Brings Rave Out To Life

Those of you who read this blog through their feed readers may not notice when other sections of this site are updated, so I thought I’d make a note that Rave Out has sprung back to life. Amitava Kumar has just done a superb Rave Out on Joseph O’Neill’s celebrated novel “Netherland”, and I shall upload a Rave Out on Anne Tyler’s beautiful novel, “Back When We Were Grownups”, sometime in the middle of next week. From then on, I’ll aim for a couple of Rave Outs a week. So watch that space.

As for the other sections, well, blame it on laziness. I have many Workoutable questions that just await uploading, and I also have over 100 old crosswords I’d made for Mint that haven’t yet been uploaded on Extrowords. But they’re on the hard drive of my earlier laptop, whose motherboard had given way, and I have yet to retrieve the data. My lassitude is so immense, it feels eternal.