The joys of Napkin Fiction


Title: The Napkin Fiction Project

By: Esquire

You’re forever being told that the short-story is the contemporary form. We no longer have the time to read a novel. Well, who has the time to read a short-story? That is why I like the idea of “Napkin Fiction.”

Advantages: 1. You don’t have to read fifty, or even five, pages to find out whether you’re going to like this or not. 2. It’s a challenging form. 3. A review can be longer than its subject. Disadvantages: 1. The form risks giving respectability to a premature ejaculation. 2. Gimmicky last lines make O Henrys of otherwise fine writers. 3. A review can be longer than its subject.

But this is a rave-out and that is why I absolutely recommend Jonathan Ames to you. Check out his contribution to the project. No great shakes but I think I could read him again. Understand, there is no love, but I haven’t loved anyone in a long time.