An obsession with turbans

Nikhil Pahwa points me, via email, to the site “Rate My Turban.” It seems to be like a Digg for turbans, with users rating user-submitted turbans. Most intriguing.

There are also female turbans on show, by which I mean don’t mean turbans with mammaries, but turbans worn by women. I’m a huge fan of women wearing turbans, but only when they wear nothing else, for why insult the turban by implying that it is not enough? Anyway, this site is eminently safe for work, even though you are certain to find it so engrossing that no work gets done. Just compare the number of total turbans (842 as of now) with the number of ratings (823,049 at the moment). That’s a lot of turbans, and a lot of people with immense time on their hands.