DNA reports:

While her Bollywood aspirations are very well documented by now, not many know that Saira Mohan has another passion — art. Big deal, you may say?

Well, it is, if you consider her method. The gorgeous US-based, Indian supermodel prefers to paint in the nude! “When I am in the mood, I cover a big canvas in paint, and then disrobe completely,” she tells us over the phone from her home in Chicago, where she lives with her banker husband and three-year-old son.

This reminds me of an obviously apocryphal story a friend told me a couple of decades ago. The story concerned MF Husain, who got painter’s block one day and couldn’t think of what to make. Finally, in desperation, he took off all his clothes, poured red paint on himself, and went and sat on a canvas. He called the painting ‘Apple’, and it sold for Rs. 10 lakhs.

If Ms Mohan was to get inspired by that story, would you put her apple on your wall?