Are You Straight Or Gay?

No, I’m not asking you that, it’s none of my business. But in the WTF quiz of the year, Rediff invites you to find out your sexual orientation by answering a few questions. As if, duh, you have no idea of it, but taking the survey will reveal all. Who thinks of these things?

Now, like there are films within some films, there can often be WTFness contained inside WTFness. This question from the quiz blew me away:

3. Which profession would you prefer?

* Fashion designing
* Automobile mechanic
* Nurse
* Electrician

Needless to say, I clicked on fashion designing. Wouldn’t you? I mean, no disrespect to any of the other three professions, but what kind of choices are these? Who would pick ‘electrician’ over ‘fashion designer’, that’s what I want to know.

Despite this obviously gay answer, the quiz concluded that I was straight, which is no doubt a relief to women across the world. Meanwhile, a gay electrician somewhere is wondering if he was wrong all along.