All about Deep Throat


Title: The Secret Man

By: Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward’s The Secret Man can be termed as the concluding part of the trilogy (Parts 1 & 2) on the Watergate scandal. Mark Felt, the No.2 man in the FBI was identified as Deep Throat in 2005. The book reveals the gory details of the author’s trysts with Felt.

The book is a must-read for aspiring investigative journalists. Not only because it details the risks and accompanying paranoia that hangs over the heads of the reporters, but because of the mechanics of developing sources, getting information, and the challenges faced by them to get it published. In recent times, Felt is revealed as an ordinary man, living in anonymity with his grown-up daughter and her family, a victim of Alzheimers, who barely remembers Woodward and Watergate. It does seem rather tragic to read about the sunset years of this once-powerful bureaucrat.