Can this band save rock?


Title: Everything Is

By: Nine Black Alps

Millions of music fans disenfranchised by the advent of Hip Hop have awaited the arrival of the saviors of rock. And a good many, buoyed first by the rapid rise and ultimately dejected by the fadeout of Oasis, even found solace in (gasp!) country music. A few still wait in hope.

I’d like to suggest that the saviors have arrived. And you can get a taste of them with their first CD Everything Is.

Taking their name from American poet Sylvia Plath’s Couriers, Nine Black Alps are a ferocious band with catchy shades of classic, grunge and punk rock. In other words, they are very Brit with a touch of yank thrown in.

Everything Is has a dozen tracks on it – not one is a filler. You can dive into their first single – Unsatisfied – with its wandering riffs that explode into a grunge wall of sound. You can sit back and get plastered to the wall with the tuneful fury of Headlights.

Nine Black Alps’ lyrics also are accessibly obtuse and much fun – if you’re in the right state (or have emptied the right quantity of Tanqueray) you’ll get them. But if not they’ll still rock.