Beauty And Terror

In a PTI report about a Pakistani beauty queen, Natasha Paracha, I find the WTF Q&A of the day:

Asked how she would tackle terrorism as Miss Pakistan, Paracha said, “As Miss Pakistan and as a young woman representing the nation and I can definitely think that I would like to promote the country and show that Pakistani women are strong and we can definitely do a lot to represent the nation a lot on the global sphere.”

Paracha’s answer may remind you of a certain Miss Teen South Carolina, but my heart goes out to the poor girl. What answer can you give to a question like that?

Update: Lekhni writes in to inform me that Ms Paracha was in the news recently for appearing on CNN to “condone” the Mumbai attacks.

Speaking of people being out of their depth, let me point you to this marvellous video that I presume someone made as an audition tape. Warning: Please do not try this at home.

(Video link via email from Lalbadshah.)