Bloggers Will Meet (and Quizzers Will Quiz)

The perky tots from BuHu (Bandra + Juhu) are organising yet another of their legendary blogger meets on Sunday, November 18. It’s a Blog Brunch, and will take place between 11am and 3pm in a restaurant in Tardeo. Young Sakshi has the details here.

I’m 40% sure of being there (39.6, actually, but I’m rounding up): I get back into Mumbai the previous evening, and am not sure if I can wake up on time. In fact, the pardy will probably be more fun if I’m not there, as I’m generally one of the only people at these gigs older than 30, and they treat me like a grandfather and act all well-behaved and all. No hedonism, no flung undies, nothing—some tots just bounce up and down near my knees and demand stories. (“Tell us a story with a moral, uncle.” “Er, can I tell you that story about incentives?”)

But if you blog and are in Mumbai, be there. I’ll try to come too—er, I mean, I’ll try to be there.

Quizzes, of course, are held in the afternoon, so I will certainly be present at the BQC quiz being conducted that afternoon by Arvind Krishnaswamy. I won the last quiz—Rishi has a report here—which was a pleasant surprise after six second places this season (and a solitary win before this). Who can stop me now? I want names, and I want addresses.

(My reports of two earlier blogger meets organised by the BuHu girls:

Bloggers, Pran and Milind Soman
“I want to be eaten now”

I also did a Google search for BuHu, to see if I am the first to coin this portmanteau. It seems that way. Google also ventured to ask: “Did you mean: bahu?” Not till Melody and Sakshi get hitched, no?)

Update: Here’s Melody’s invitation. Mel From Hell, all the Bandra Macs call her. None of them dream of heaven.