Twitter & the Lok Sabha—Tweet Bank 1

Many of my India Uncut readers may not have the time or mental bandwidth to follow Twitter—as I didn’t until recently. So for you guys, every weekend, I’m going to collect all my tweets for the week in one post here. That way, you don’t miss out on my microblogging—and I’ll spare you random conversational tweets that may not interest you.

The first of my Tweet Banks begins below the fold. To follow me on Twitter, head on over to my Twitter page—you can also sign up for an account there and start tweeting yourself. I use Tweet Deck to tweet, and find it both useful and easy to use.

Tweet Bank 1—September 10 to 21

September 21

WTF news of the day—Mumbai DCP locks up flat with handcuffs:  about 12 hours ago

Well, now. Pritam Chakraborty is pissed because someone’s claiming credit for his tune: 

‘Blood dries up/Like rain, like rain/Fills my cup…’ – Love this live version even more than the original  about 13 hours ago

September 20

@TPMatz @soniafaleiro Tasks on Rahul’s Swayamwar: Take a punch; roll a joint; show telepathic skills ( More? #Swayamwar  about 18 hours ago

RT @soniafaleiro: @amitvarma re. Rahul Mahajan’s swayamvar, the chosen one has to be able to take a good punch.  about 19 hours ago

Another Swayamwar—this time it’s Rahul Mahajan: Why don’t they just hook up Rakhi and Rahul?  about 20 hours ago

‘Cathy, you know I never meant to hurt you.’ … and other last words on death row: (Via @Pjoseph85about 20 hours ago

Phrase of the day: ‘Ostentatious Austerity.’ (From 20 hours ago

[Tweets from September 10 to 19 follow below the fold.]

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