Courses by Amit Varma

If you want to learn, I’m happy to teach.

At the moment, I am offering three online courses. Two of them are meant for the general public, for which individuals can sign up. One is a course on communication that I conduct for corporates, and can be customised to the needs of specific departments.

For Corporates: The Road to Clear Communication

All of us are experts in some subject or the other, but this deep knowledge is wasted if we are not able to communicate our insights and influence others.

This two-hour workshop drives home the importance of clear communication. I drive home the basic principles that can help you communicate complex ideas in simple language. Participants learn to be mindful about language, and get some hands-on guidance with interactive exercises.

The course can be customised to the specific needs of a department within a company, such as sales. There are also useful practical tips on how to write email, make powerpoint presentations and deliver elevator pitches.

Format: A 90-minute webinar, with interactive exercises thrown in, followed by a 30-minute Q&A.

For more details, contact me through the form here.

For Individuals: The Art of Clear Writing

There are few things as agonizing as having something to say – but not being able to say it well enough. This course is meant to help you bridge the gap between the thought and the page. Click here for more details, and to register.

For Individuals: TikTok and India Society

Before it was banned, TikTok had reached every corner of India, empowered millions of people who were otherwise denied a platform, and turned an Invisible India into something that was no longer Unseen. This unique course, conducted on Whatsapp, talks about aspects of India revealed by TikTok that we might not otherwise see elsewhere.

For more details, click here. The first batch of this course is over, and I haven’t announced the next batch yet, but you can express your interest by filling up this form.