Denise Richards And Bollywood Kissers

IANS reports:

Former Bond girl Denise Richards has done some passionate scenes with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar in Kambakkht Ishq and says he is a good kisser.

Richards insists that no man in Bollywood can match his skills, reported

I’m guessing Richards must have done a rigorous survey of Bollywood kissers to come to such a conclusion. Like, she walks into a mall and catches a good-looking young man (GLYM) who looks like he might be in Bollywood (but isn’t really).

Richards: Hey, you there. Are you a Bollywood kisser?

GLYM: Er, well, ahem, yes, I could be.

Richards: Okay, then I need to kiss you. [She gives him the deepest kiss ever, her tongue almost coming out of the back of his head.] Mmmm. That was nice, but I’m afraid you’re not as good as Akshay Kumar.

GLYM: I see. Um, well, there is something I can do better than him, you know.

Richards: [Already getting ideas and feeling horny] And what may that be?

GLYM: Um, do you need any C++ programming?


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