Don’t Worry About Coke

All hail the WTF quote of the day:

Drinking Coke has not Coca Colarised India.

Who said these words? It takes a special mind to come up with such a profound insight, and offer us reassurance that will help us sleep at night: It’s none other than Shashi Tharoor. What would we do without him?

(Earlier on Tharoor: 1, 2. Link via email from Andy.)

Update: Reader Ragini Srinivasan writes in to point out that Tharoor has used versions of this line “in his columns and recent books.” For example, in a 2006 lecture, Tharoor said: “India’s recent experience with Western consumer products demonstrates that we can drink Coca-Cola without becoming coca-colonized.”

The possibility exists, thus, that Rediff reported “coca-colonized” as “Coca Colarised”. Either way, it’s a banal observation, even if the wordplay would make a


seventh-standard student proud.