Escape From Bollywood

Check out the fine story below by Christopher Booker, documenting his experience as a foreign extra in a Bollywood film:

There’s the seed of a horror film in this. A bunch of tourists are accosted in Colaba by a casting agent for a Bollywood film, who promises them an interesting experience shooting for a film. “It’ll take just a day,” he says, “It will be fun. You will see what Bollywood is like, and you will get to dance with our biggest stars. And we will pay you.” So they are taken into a large private estate, where they find themselves on an elaborate, lavishly-decorated, labyrinthine set. And then things begin to go wrong, as they slowly realise that they won’t be providing on-screen entertainment by dancing, but by dying.

Shades of Hostel?

(Link via email from Bharat.)