Ethnic cleaning in Sri Lanka

Check out this report on The Daily Pol-Thel:

Ethnic Cleansing? What Ethnic Cleansing
by our corr. I. O . Gothabhayasena (SCN Ministry of Defence Eka, 8-6-2007)

Today rumours published in the anti-Government news agencies like AFP, AP, CNN, BBC and ABC gave a false impression that the Glorioush Garment of Sri Lanka was ethnically cleaning the Tamils who were loitering around Colombo. What happened was some of these poor people were smelling of Vaddai and Gingelly oil and had not washed for days.

So what we did was give them a good wash with the best soap and sent them on a picnic to LandMineLand™ in Killinochi, which is a popular Sri Lankan amusement park.

The reactionary press of the rest of the world and our own Supreme Court got it wrong! Next time we are going to pile them all into gas chambers….er….I mean industrial sized washing machines and give them a good wash. The Supreme Court judges need a good washing as well and if you media people ask me any more stupid questions I will wash you as well! So there!

Sinhala satisfaction sighs seductively. Such simpering…

(Link via email from Murali Reddy.)