[Expletive] You, Barama!

The comment of the day comes at the end of a lovely piece by Gail Collins:

While Barack may understand the audacity of hope, only Hillary really gets the audacity of audacity.

Also in the New York Times, Bob Herbert explains how Hillary Clinton has opened a “trap door beneath her fellow Democrat” by insinuating that he would make a better president than John McCain. Such class.

The Washington Post has an in-depth story on how Clinton’s advisers spend much of their time fighting each other. An excerpt:

[Mark] Penn was growing increasingly aggravated by what he saw as an untenable management structure, which another aide described as an “oligarchy at the top.” Penn had no real people of his own on the inside and chafed whenever [Patti] Solis Doyle or [Harold] Ickes got involved in his sphere. At one point, he and Ickes, who have been battling each other within the Clinton orbit for a dozen years, lost their tempers during a conference call, according to two participants.

“[Expletive] you!” Ickes shouted.

“[Expletive] you!” Penn replied.

“[Expletive] you!” Ickes shouted again.

By the time it ends, if Clinton doesn’t get what she no doubt considers her due, you might see her doing this to Obama. [Expletive] you, Barama, or whatever your name is! Well, one can hope.

Also check out David Brooks on how Obama, if he starts playing by the Clinton rules, loses the only thing unique about him. John Dickerson agrees, writing:

The Clinton team is setting the same trap for Obama my 4-year-old sets for her older brother. She hits him, knowing that he’ll get in trouble for hitting back.”

Yay, a four-year-old for president!

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