Flag and Mandira Bedi

Anthem is napping. The phone rings. (You know the ringtone.) He picks it up. It’s Flag.

Flag: Anthem, Anthem, wake up, guess what happened.

Anthem: Er, give up. What happened?

Flag: I was on her body. Her body, Anthem. Her body!

Anthem: Wait, hang on here, whose body? Someone has a body?

Flag: I was on Mandira Bedi’s body! She wore me on her saree during Extraaa Innings! On her saree!

Anthem: Happiness explodes! Which part of her saree? Were you on the palloo, draped around her, um, ah? And why do you sound so upset?

Flag: Upset? I’ve been insulted! Here, here’s what Cricinfo’s ball-by-ball commentary says:

11.40am We are told that there is a row brewing in India where people are angry because Mandira Bedi is sporting a saree that has different flags stitched on it … and the Indian flag was near her feet and that is supposed to be an insult.

Anthem: That is monstrous. Sadness implodes! Uproar downloads!

Flag: Wait, ah, ooh, there is an update:

12.10pm Meanwhile, Mandira Bedi has changed her saree …

Anthem: Ah, that’s okay then, for a moment I was worried about India. This would have damaged our country. Our nation might not have recovered from the blow.

Flag: I know. Back to the cricket now. Sigh.

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