Geeta Basra and kissing in Bollywood

Haven’t we heard this before? Geeta Basra, while being interviewed about her film called The Tram or The Autorickshaw or something like that, says that she is “not comfortable at all” with kissing on screen. However, it “all depends on the way the scene has been shot,” and her film “has a strong storyline compared to these smaller elements.”

In case you’re wondering if there’s any kissing in the film, well, her co-star is Emraan Hashmi. So whaddya expect?

And in case you’re wondering who Geeta Basra is, well, I’ve been equally curious the last few days, as her pictures come on the party pages of the newspapers I get most regularly, and she does possess some prettiness. Now we know.

PS: That’s not all. Basra redefines Bollywood by saying that her film, The Minivan “has a complex story with many things in it. It’s pure commercial cinema.”

And elsewhere she explains, “Just because I exposed a lot does not mean I don’t have talent.”

Of course it doesn’t. Quite the opposite.

(Rediff link via email from Prabhu.)

Update: Hmmm.