General Bob And The Arrest Of Bhagat

The WTF report of the day is about one of the most delightful cons ever. Apparently, this dude named Aijaz Mehboob Khan convinced a bunch of people that he had been a buddy of Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose and, having thus established his credentials, hoodwinked them of substantial sums of money. The dude is 29 years old, so how did he convince them? By showing them the newspaper report below:


In the case you find the print too small, the date reads “July 12, 1945.” And the caption says:

Mumbai: Congress President Mahatma Gandhi and the president of Azad Hind Party Aijaz Khan together in the rally at Mumbai Azad Maidan. And after the rally they went to meet General Bob for discussing about the arrest of Bhagat.

And yes, 10 people fell for this and gave the fellow Rs 50 lakh between them. Life is beautiful.


Imagine it’s true and Mahatma Gandhi and Aijaz Khan land up at General Bob’s office.

‘We have come to talk about the arrest of Bhagat,’ barks Aijaz.

‘Oh, Bhagat died 14 years ago,’ says General Bob. ‘But have a seat, have some tea with me.’ Then he shouts, ‘Bahadur, chai lao!’

General Bob now beams at Gandhiji. ‘You should meet Bahadur,’ he says. ’ He’s the last Mughal.’