Get Down to Hard Studies

I have blogged in the past about Dr Mahindra Watsa’s column of sex advice in Mumbai Mirror, and the fine gentleman just goes from strength to strength. Consider this exchange from today’s edition:

Question: During winter my penis begins to contract while I bathe. It is normally five to six inches long but it goes down to one-two inches. Strangely it gets back to normal after the bath. Has masturbation got to do anything with it? Please reply, I am very upset.

Watsa: Do not worry, it will not disappear! The penis is also feeling cold and is doing what you do with a blanket, and will return to normal size. Masturbation has got nothing to do with it.

Question: I am a 22-year-old man. Some weeks ago I watched porn after which sex has been on my mind. Even after masturbation I am not able to control my urge. I am unable to concentrate on my studies too. I’ve to appear for exams on Monday. Please help, I am panicking.

Watsa: Get down to hard studies after masturbation. Repeat at suitable intervals. You are quite mature now and should have the willpower to overcome such a situation.

So, um, what do you do with a blanket?