Get-Out-The-Vote Sandwich Platters

Maureen Dowd writes about how Hillary Clinton mismanaged her campaign’s money:

Among her other cascading woes, it turns out that Hillary is not able to manage her political family’s money. Like a prudent housekeeper, Obama spent the cash he raised — including from his continuing relationships with small donors — far more shrewdly, on ads rather than on himself.

Hillaryland spent like a hedge fund manager in a flat-screen TV store. Her campaign attempted to show omnipotence by lavishing a fortune on the take-no-prisoners strategists Howard Wolfson and Mark Penn, and on having the best of everything from the set decoration at events to Four Seasons rooms. In January alone, they spent $11,000 on pizza, $1,200 on Dunkin’ Donuts and $95,384 at a Des Moines Hy-Vee grocery store for get-out-the-vote sandwich platters.

Many sexist quips come to mind here. (”I wonder if Dowd is on a diet.” “Well, women do like shopping, no?”) But I’m totally going to resist writing them here because I’m not sexist at all. Really.

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