Got wheelchair? Can’t fly

A headline today in the Times of India: “Private airline offloads wheelchair-bound man.”

Maybe they figured he had his own transport. No, quips aside, this is quite stupid, and I hope the airlines in question figure that they can get a slight competitive advantage, at least in terms of image, by taking special care of the disabled. (I also hope they don’t do cheesy ad campaigns about it, with lines like “So what if you have wheels—we’ll help you fly!”)

And the rhetoric of that disability rights group is quite over the top.

Anyway, the last four paras of that story seem to be transplanted from somewhere else: what could the cost of living index have to do with airlines and wheelchairs? WTF?

(Link via email from Ojas Sabnis, who got it from Shailesh Tavate.)

Update: Those extra paras are gone!