I want that job

“A beach without leering men is the season’s biggest novelty” in Italy, the Guardian informs us. It reports:

Italian women are flocking to the country’s first all-female beach: a short stretch of sand designed to let bathers relax away from prying eyes and football talk.

Bathers arriving at Beach no 134 on the 50-mile stretch of beach clubs linking Rimini to Riccione on the Adriatic coast are greeted with a large sign featuring a cross over an image of a man.

However, there is one exception. The owner of the beach was quoted as saying:

The lifeguard must be a man. Clearly, to save a woman you need a man. It’s a question of muscles.

Well, my headline says it all. Who wants to be a blogger? Being a lifeguard is so much more, um, ennobling.