“If Someone Comes To Rape You…”

The WTF advice of the day comes from Sri Lanka’s top police officer, as reported by the Khaleej Times:

Sri Lanka’s newly-appointed police chief has come up with a novel idea to tackle the rising crime rate.

Inspector General Jayantha Wickremeratne, who assumed duties last week, says camera phones could play a bigger role in crime busting.

“If someone comes to rape you, use your mobile phone to record it,” he said addressing journalists in Sri Lanka’s hill capital, Kandy yesterday.

I can just imagine Mr Wickremeratne surrounded by LTTE terrorists out to kill him. They aim their machine guns at him. He weaves away, reaches inside his holster, whips something out and shoots. It’s not a gun, of course.

(Link via email from Deane. And here’s another take.)