If there were a sex Olympics…

… India would win the gold medal in all the sprints. The Times of India reports:

A new global sex survey reveals that when it comes to time devoted to the sexual act, Indians get done the fastest — averaging just 13 minutes, foreplay and all. The global average is 18 minutes.


Sexologist Prakash Kothari is not surprised with the survey’s 13-minute finding. “Most Indian men use their wives as sleeping pills. They have never devoted enough time to foreplay, or the act itself.”

You will remember, of course, that Indian men have rather small organs as well. Immense sympathy comes for Indian women. If only they could know the pleasures of being with men such as, um, me. Poor things.

(Link via email from the worried Gautam John. And while searching for my previous post, I had to go through these two pages: 1, 2. Such things I wrote!)