I’m On Twitter

For all you Twitter fans sending me hazaar emails about getting on Twitter, I’ve succumbed. You can find me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/amitvarma.

I’d opened an account, put up a sample post, and protected my updates a few months ago, intending to have nothing more to do with it. But over that time I received, to my initial befuddlement, hundreds of ‘follow’ requests. Those expire with time, so if that’s the case with you, note that my updates are no longer protected, and you’re welcome to follow if you wish. I shall be much more regular with my Twitter updates than I have been on India Uncut so far.

Also, perhaps later in the day, I’ll find a way to make my Twitter updates appear on the right column of India Uncut. So you get both my blogging and micro-blogging on one page.

And ya, I’m also going to be more regular on this space. Just see now.