India and the USA

Nitin Pai send me an email forward that puts it well:

In USA you can kiss in public places but cannot shit; in India you can shit in public places but cannot kiss.

No doubt one can argue that shitting is not against our culture. Heh.

(I couldn’t find the source of this forward, but will be glad to attribute if someone can point it out.)

Update: Quizman points me to a piece on Churumuri: “Kissing isn’t part of our culture? Pissing is?

Update 2: Anand Krishnamoorthi writes in:

The piss/kiss thingy was part of Tamil comedian Vivek’s routine from about a year ago. The scene is set in Australia when Vivek kisses this
girl after he steps out of her car and some righteous Tamil brethren question his actions. That’s when he comes up with the line. Do not remember the name of the film…