India Uncut on Facebook

For those of you so interested, there is now an India Uncut Facebook group. My friend MadMan started it for me, insisting that readers of this blog would appreciate it. In case that’s true, well, there it is.

One of the nice things about Facebook is that it makes you feel popular. In the real world, I have just a handful of good friends—and none of them are free for coffee when I’m done with my day’s work at 4 am. On Facebook, on the other hand, I have many ‘friends’, even if I haven’t even met most of them, and can succumb to the illusion of being loved and wanted even as I go about my solitary way in the real world. I hope my Facebook Friends, and the declared India Uncut readers on that Facebook group, will buy my book when it comes out in April. Now, that will give me a warm glow!