Indians and Indians

The Times of India reports:

Police in Brazil’s Amazon rain forest are investigating three native Indians suspected of murdering and eating a 21-year-old handicapped man in a rare case of cannibalism, local authorities said on Tuesday.

The Indians of the Kulina tribe near the Peruvian border are accused of having killed and eaten the insides of Ocelio Alves de Carvalho, a 21 year-old student in the town of Envira in Amazonas state.

What surprises me about this news is not the cannibalism or suchlike, but that The Times of India is carrying this news in its ‘Indians Abroad’ section. Yes, there is a really a website editor there who does not understand that native Brazilian Indians are not from India. (In Portugese, native Indians are called Indios and people from India are called Indianos, but the English language using the same word for these two is no excuse for such confusion.)

In my view, there is only one apt punishment for the editor who made this error: he should be eaten.

(HT: Nikhil Apte.)