It’s All In The Jeans

The WTF quote of the week comes from Meeta Jamal, the principal of a girls’ college in Kanpur:

Girls who choose to wear jeans will be expelled from the college. This is the only way to stop crime against women.

According to the report, “a growing number of colleges in Uttar Pradesh have decided to outlaw jeans, shorts, tight blouses and miniskirts on campus in an attempt to crack down on ‘Eve-teasing’.” The theory seems to be that boys see chicas in supposedly hot clothing, and as they have no control over their actions, commit crimes for which the girls’ clothes are responsible. Not the boys. Well, well.

The simplest way to stop crime against women is of course to ban the women themselves, not their jeans. After all, if a pair of jeans came to college without a woman inside, would it get harassed? Clearly not. So why ban the jeans?

(Link via email from Vishal Khanapure.)

Update: Rohan informs me that one college has even “banned male students from wearing jeans and carrying mobiles.” What to say now?