Lion Govind Is A Spammer?

Rediff has a slideshow up on the top ten spamming countries in the world. India comes in at No. 9, and the page on that has a picture of a lion that looks like it has drunk one shot of tequila too many, with the caption:

Lion Govind relaxes after receiving treatment at the Kamala Nehru Zoological Garden in Ahmedabad.

I think I’ll need a few tequilas myself to get the connection. I did google “Lion Govind” to try and find out, and I found this article, with the following utterly delightful sentence:

Lion Govind and lioness Ekta have been provided air coolers to beat the heat.

I demand a comic book on Lion Govind, the Air-Conditioned Spamming Kingpin. Any other tribute would be inadequate.