Listen Up, Parents

In an article on teenage depression, Rediff has the following WTF lines:

Sometimes depression is exhibited when a child runs away from home, talks of death, attempts suicide.

This is when friends and parents should sit up and take notice, says Dr Shetty.

So if not for Dr Shetty’s timely warning, kindly brought to us by Rediff, parents would have taken no notice of suicide attempts by their kids. Like so:

“Aji, Sunte ho, Rinky’s run away from home and Chintu’s slit his wrists again.”

“Hmm. Get me some chips, no, five overs left, fifty runs to win.”

“Okay, but I hope your cricket gets over before Kkkkkkkusum starts.”

And also, before they change it, just see the picture running with that page of the story!