Look Ma, No Testicles

A few months ago, I tried out a program that guessed one’s gender by analyzing one’s browsing history—it found that I was 97% male. An earlier test had unequivocally declared me to be male as well. So imagine my surprise today when I try out a test that identifies your gender by analyzing your blog—I got the following result:


The 100% probability is what takes me by surprise. There isn’t the slightest chance, this program is saying, that I could be a man.

I can react to this in two ways: One, I can go out and pick a fight with someone just to assuage my male ego. Two, I can sit back and pamper myself.

The first option is dangerous, because I’m not much a fighter, with my half-Bong side dominant over the half-Punju in this aspect. I might just get the worse of a brawl, and that won’t help me much. So that leaves option two.

Where are those cucumbers I was going to put on my face?