Lovers And The Box Office

DNA reports:

Ranbir [Kapoor] and Deepika [Padukone] are not showing any interest in doing films together after seeing what happened to Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapur in all their films until their break-up. The two were seen together in films like Fida and 36 China Town before their break-up, but both the films bombed.

However their Jab We Met, which came after the two separated, was a huge success. Recently Kareena featured with her current boyfriend Saif Ali Khan in Tashan and that bombed too.

If the report is true—and with film journalism one must include that caveat—then this is one of the silliest instances of mistaking correlation for causation that I have come across. And I can just imagine what will happen if their films start flopping and they’re desperate for a hit.

Ranbir: Deepika, I think we need to break up.

Deepika: Why?

Ranbir: Deepika, it’s because I’m a guy, and I’m bored now, and I want new chicas.

Deepika: What the fug??

Ranbir: Calm down, I’m joking. I love you and want to be with you, but I shall sacrifice my happiness for the sake of your career. You need a hit, and I know how to deliver one to you. Let’s break up, and then act in a film together. Remember Jab We Met?

Deepika: Good idea. Oh, you’re sho shweet, always caring for me!

Ranbir: That I am.