Mahima Chaudhary for president

I withdraw my nomination of Mango. Mahima Chaudhary should be India’s next president. Her candidacy sprung to mind after I read this insightful quote by her:

Giving birth is like running a nation! And women who go through it, are truly angels.

So for all practical purposes, Mahima has experience in governance, and also the character that the job requires. Mahima for president!

(Disclaimer: I don’t know if I should confess this, but when I joined Channel [V] in 1995, Mahima, then known as Ritu Chaudhary, was the first VJ I wrote for. If she is elected, I shall offer her my speech-writing services for free. I can’t match Mr Kalam’s poems, but I do have the requisite appreciation of purplocity.)