Mint Picks Up Another Award

I’m delighted that the newspaper I write a weekly column for, Mint, has picked up yet another laurel. My congratulations to Priyanka Narain for being named the Young Journalist of the Year for 2007 by CNN. It’s quite an honour.

I’m obviously biased, but I think Mint has come on beautifully since it launched in February. The paper looks beautiful and is a delight to hold and browse through. Its language is crisp and clear, entirely free of the archaisms of the Hindu or the sloppiness of the Times of India. It’s a pity that it’s only available in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

It’s also a pity that Mint has such a shabby website. I keep cribbing to them about that, but I suspect that the people who make it such a lovely print publication have no say in that area. Such it goes…