Mousse Over Men

“Some scientists have argued that during a recession, men desire fuller figured women,” writes Casey Schwartz at The Daily Beast. She cites studies that show that “changes in the state of the economy can influence what men find sexually attractive in women—and when the economy’s bad, it’s good to be fat.”

I’m all for well-built chicas, because well-built chicas tend to have substantial bosoms, and I’m totally okay with that. But before you go and dig into that bucket of chocolate mousse (or jalebi, or ice cream), consider that economies work in cycles, and recessions generally turn around. So when the economy’s looking up, and men start preferring thinner chicas, will you be able to lose that weight? Will you, like the economy, get on a cycle?

My personal advice: To hell with men, just go grab that mousse. Your pleasure should not be hostage to the expectations of others. You only live once, so binge.

There. Isn’t that tasty advice?