Mr Moon Has Left The Building. Meet Mr Ban

Via messenger chat with Filmiholic, I receive this superb letter sent by Vijay Nambiar, “Chef de Cabinet” at the UN, about how to pronounce Ban Ki-Moon’s name:


(There’s a slightly bigger version here.)

I so love the way bureaucrats write. “[D]isseminate this appropriately and discreetly,” it seems. Heh.

Obligatory PJ: What does BAN Ki-moon do every time someone calls out his full name?

Ans: He turns around and drops his pants.

Another one: Why does Andrew Symonds turn around and drop his pants when someone says BAN Ki-moon’s name in front of him?

Ans: He mishears it as “Monkey, moon!”

Ya, ya, be shocked for all I care. No political correctness on this blog.