Nana Patekar Offended By Tanushree Dutta’s Cheeks

Just see the things people get offended by:

Protesters mobbed Filmistan Studios in Mumbai seeking an apology from actress Tanushree Dutta for allegedly insulting actor Nana Patekar during the shoot of an item song.

On the sets of the film Horn Ok Please, Tanushree was to make some physical contact with Patekar during the item number, which she refused.

Her refusal was seen as an insult to the actor.

The protesters surrounded her car outside Filmistan Studios seeking an apology from her, but she refused to leave her car.

Mid Day, in a related story about how Dutta was “involved in the manhandling of a TV news channel,” reports that there was some fuss about a scene “in which Nana Patekar had to touch her cheeks.” Rediff tells us that it all started when “a unit member made a lewd remark” because of Tanushree’s “skimpy outfit.” ToI informs us that she’s been thrown out of the film, and Rakhi Sawant has taken her place.

One day when I’m rich and famous, I’ll also have goons who will go around defending my honour. They will stop random people on the street and ask, “How many cow posts are there on India Uncut?” Anyone who doesn’t know will be deemed to have insulted me, and Nana Patekar will touch their cheeks. Plausible?

(CNN-IBN link via email from Karthik Perumal.)