Nice Guys vs Bad Boys

The Daily Mail reports:

It seems that nice guys can finally rest easy as scientists have discovered that bad boys do not always get the girl in the end.

A study of a South American tribe that once had the highest murder rate known to anthropology found that the most aggressive men ended up with fewer wives and children than milder men.

I’m not sure how the journalist who wrote this can draw the conclusion in the first sentence from the results of the study as reported in the second sentence. I’m sure nice guys in that South American tribe “can finally rest easy,” as if they were stressed out all this while, but why that study has any relevance to the rest of us beats me.

But journalists need pegs, so there we go: Nice guys finish first.


In this internet age, ‘nice guys’ can be ‘bad boys’ too. Blogging and Twitter and even Facebook help us to create online personalities for ourselves that often have little relation to who we are in real life. Much fun comes just watching this in action. But that’s a subject for some other post.

(Link via email from Sruthijith.)