Of Myths And Urban Spaces

The partner is an art curator, as some of you would know, and while each show she puts together takes months of work, she just happens to have three big shows taking place in the space of a week right now. I love much of the work on display, so here’s a quick plug for all three.

Of Myths And More opened on Wednesday at Sanstache Art Gallery in Worli (besides Mela restaurant) and runs until October 17. In this show, the invited artists use ancient myths to illuminate their concerns about the modern world. I especially liked the work by KK Muhamed, Santosh Morajkar and Hanuman Kambli, whose paintings seem backlit, so vibrant their colours are.

Bricks and Mortar opens today at Hacienda, a gallery in Kala Ghoda. The show is themed around urban spaces, and some of the work here is quite stunning (and rather large). Examples follow below the fold. This show gets over on September 30.

Art Bazaar is an art fair organized by the Concern India Foundation at Coomarswamy Hall in Fort between September 22 and 25. Different galleries showcase their artists there, and Jasmine has a stall where she presents art by a mixed bag of established and upcoming names. What I like most about this collection is that all the art here is relatively affordable—everything is below Rs 1 Lakh, and the cheapest works are just 7k each. Given the artists on view, that’s quite something. (Again, examples below the fold.)

Jasmine’s previous shows are linked on the right sidebar of her old site, and this is her new site. But be warned that low-res images do not justice to the art on view, so if you’re in Mumbai and interested in art, drop in for one of these shows. You might also happen to bump into me with one of my pet cows.

And now for a sampler of my favourite works from these shows: