On Extrowords

As many of you have pointed out, I’ve been somewhat infrequent in updating Extrowords over the last couple of weeks. This has happened because I’ve been madly busy: I’ve actually been making two crosswords a day, one for Mint and the other a cricket puzzle for Mid Day that will last the duration of the World Cup. A third one simply got too much for me.

But there was no point in having that section if it wasn’t updated regularly, and Mint has been kind enough to give me permission to run some of the crosswords I do for them on Extrowords. I hadn’t considered it earlier, as the kind of themes I do for them (“Mutual Fund Families” for example) would probably not interest my readers here. But some would, and those will be carried here. The crosswords I’m carrying from there will have “mint” somewhere in the url, which is how you can tell them from the others.

You can browse all the Extrowords so far on the Extrowords homepage. The latest is on “Popular Music”. If you enjoy it, I suggest you also subscribe to the RSS feed, which will give you the theme and some sample clues and help you decide whether you want to solve the full crossword. The feed url is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/extrowords. (Bloglines users, click here.)

You can subscribe to the other RSS feeds for this site here.