On Ian Chappell and Sachin Tendulkar

Ian Chappell thinks Sachin Tendulkar should retire. Sigh. Such comments will fly back and forth in the next few days. I hope Sunil Gavaskar will be in the thick of it, just for fun.

In my view, there are only two questions that need to be asked as far as Tendulkar’s retirement is concerned:

1. Is he still good enough to be in the Indian side?

2. Does he have the desire to play international cricket?

As long as the answers to both these questions are “yes”—and I believe they are at the moment—I don’t see why Tendulkar should retire. Comparing him to Brian Lara, as Chappell does, is pointless. Comparing him to his own past self, as Chappell also does, is equally pointless. If he’s good enough to be in the current side and wants to play, he should carry on.

If only Sachin’s brother would now write a piece on Greg Chappell. Fun, no?

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