Dear Cynthia Mort

Dear Cynthia Mort

In a recent story in the New York Observer, you’ve been quoted as saying, “A guy’s penis is the same as a woman’s breast or vagina. I don’t understand the difference in respect to showing something.”

Here’s the difference: Breasts are beautiful. Penises are ugly. I can barely stand to look at mine, in fact, despite the huge amounts of pleasure it has given me. I’m sure most men share my feelings—especially those whose paunch obstructs the view. And for the opposite sex, it is simply not as much of an object of desire as breasts are, which is why there is no such thing as a penis cleavage.

Also, for sound evolutionary reasons, there is a far greater market for shots of bare breasts than of uncovered penises. It’s your prerogative to show what you want on your show, of course, and I respect your view that actors should be “honest and authentic in every way.” But please don’t say there is no difference between the two.


Amit Varma

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Link via email from Sanjeev.